Once you’ve achieved a certain level of ability in French, watching YouTube videos is absolutely the best way to improve or maintain your language skills. When I first started looking for Francophone YouTube channels, I had some difficulties finding ones I enjoyed. I absolutely love watching travel videos in French—it combines two of my favorite things after all! But over the years, I’ve accumulated a solid list of favorites that you can find below.

1. Caroline (Category: Lifestyle/Travel/Parenting)

Her main channel is Caroline and her vlog channel is Caroline Vlog. I discovered this channel when she and Safia Vendome were still business partners making videos together. There was a bit of drama that led them to parting ways, which you can see here. Caroline kept control of the channel, and continues posting. She lives with her partner, who is a professional tennis player, in Spain, and they travel all over the world. They’ve just had a baby, so there’s been more maternity-related content on the channel of late. Caroline also has a fictional series that she’s created called Life as Carolines with Dear Caroline.

2. Clouzote (Category: Travel)

Clouzote makes beautiful travel videos about her adventures around the world. I can’t understand why she doesn’t have more subscribers! I first found her for her series on New Zealand when I was traveling there, but I’ve continued watching as her journeys have continued.

3. Connasse (Category: Comedy)

I was so disappointed to see that the Connasse YouTube channel hasn’t been updated for several years now, but reports show that the creative team may get back together for a new series. Fortunately, there’s still plenty of this scripted, well-produced show to enjoy for free on YouTube, plus several books.

4. Dear Caroline (Category: Lifestyle/Sketch)

I’ve actually only discovered the Dear Caroline channel recently from the fictional series she did with Caroline, so I don’t know much about it. As far as I can tell, most of the videos seem to be either beauty/lifestyle related or the talk to camera with cuts to sketch style (is there a term for this? Probably).

5. EnjoyPhoenix (Category: Beauty/Lifestyle/Cooking)

Marie’s main channel is EnjoyPhoenix, her vlogging channel is EnjoyVlogging and she has a cooking channel that you can find here. She is a co-creator of Rose Carpet—the collaborative beauty, fashion and lifestyle channel—and a former contributor there. I haven’t watched her in a while since I find I’m more into travel than beauty at the moment, but I most remember her for appearing on the French version of Dancing with the Stars.

6. Natoo (Category: Comedy/Travel)

Natoo is a staple of the old guard of French YouTubers. I love her comedy, especially the Friendzone music video she did with Norman. But her comedic take on travel vlogging is just the best thing ever, especially this trip she took to New Zealand.

7. NormanFaitDesVideos (Category: Comedy)

If there’s a pillar of French YouTubers, Norman is it. He started making videos on YouTube in 2010, and since then his popularity has skyrocketed, with views ranging in the millions and above. I remember discovering his videos when I was still in college. The pace he talks was nearly impossible for me to follow when I first started watching. I do better now, but the slang he uses still poses a fun challenge.

8. Safia Vendome (Category: Lifestyle/Travel)

The former other half of the Caroline Safia duo, Safia Vendome still does lifestyle videos from her home with her boyfriend in Barcelona and frequently travels to exotic locales.

9. Sandrea26France (Category: Beauty/Lifestyle)

What I love most about Sandrea is that she’s not afraid to share strong opinions, whether about beauty products or motherhood. She offers a unique perspective in the YouTube Francophone vlog space because she’s a French YouTuber posting in French, but she lives in the United States with her American husband. I watched one of her videos when I was homesick and living abroad, and I started crying because she was filming in a Target. But I’m weird about Target.


What are some of your favorite French YouTube channels that aren’t listed here? I’m especially looking for French Canadians so I can get used to some different accents!

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